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Terrible's Hotel Casino

  Open: 2000  Closed: 2013

4100 Paradise Rd

Formerly Continental Hotel became Silver Sevens

The Herbst family, which has a privately-owned gas station/convenience store chain, decided to venture into the casino business in 1999. The interior of the building for Continental was demolished, but the outer shell was maintained. The cost was a reported at $65 million between acquiring the property and renovating it. The final structure would have four buildings surrounding the pool. You had the option of having a courtyard view of the pool or a city view which could have a nice panorama view of the strip. 

In late 2000, Terrible’s opened to the public. The hotel was sold to Affinity Gaming, which was named at the time E-T-T Gaming. That was the Herbsts gaming division at the time. The place catered to locals and also hoped to attract budget minded tourists who wanted to save money on their lodging and spend more money in the casinos and on other activities. A place where a 40 and older crowd would play video poker, slots and some table games was the observation of one guest who shared memories of the place online.

ID # V7418 V7419    
Yr Manuf 2000 2000    
Rarity R1 Extremely Common 2000+ R1 Extremely Common 2000+    
Edition 1st 1st