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I started collecting Nevada casino chips in 2012 after viewing an episode of Pawn Stars that included a story on casino chips.  What a great hobby!! My collection has rapidly grown to over 4,000 chips and my family thinks I'm insane.  Starting out, my goal was to acquire at least one chip from every opened/closed casino or club that issued chips in Nevada. To date, I have at least one chip from 935 chip issuing establishments. Moving forward, it will be a challenge as many small and obscure casino's chips are very rare i.e. Golden Goose and expensive!

The My Collection tab breaks out my collection by areas of Nevada. In addition to the chip scan, I've included info on each of the casinos including open/close date, address and photos of the casino.   I've also included The Chip Rack number for each chip along with the production year and  rarity.

My Collection:
   Lake Tahoe
   Las Vegas
   No. Nevada
   So. Nevada
   Bicentennial Chips
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